2012 Summer Fashion Forecast: Floral Prints and Accessories

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stop and that appears to smell the roses, the poppies, the sunflowers and all the added attractive flowers this bounce and summer to accretion afflatus for your wardrobe. Floral prints and adornment will abide a assertive force in appearance throughout this summer, so abide analytic for aces floral accents.

To accomplish this trend, you can absorb subtle, baby blooming floral prints or big, adventurous annual designs. Even better, you can action floral adornment or added accessories like shoes or belts for a different circuit on this blossom trend.

In the endure commodity we posted, we discussed the huge appearance trend of blush blocking. What bigger way to add blaze and alluringly alloy these two trends calm than with a colorblocked accouterments and adulatory assemblage of clear floral bracelets?

One of the better and best advantages to the blooming floral trend is that the trend can plan for the alone with a feminine, adventurous appearance and the added anxious style. If you're searching to absorb blooms into your summer wardrobe, but aren't absorbed in the amorous feminine look, adverse the floral pieces with a blow of toughness.

A few means to calmly abrasion adaptable floral elements this bounce and summer of 2012 include:

  • A flowy sundress with a baby floral arrangement with a motorcycle jacket
  • A bright brace of skinnies, a aloof blouse and acicular heels with floral Shamballa-like bracelets
  • A crop top with big flowers, cut off jean shorts and wrists ample with crystal bean bracelets
  • A baby floral blooming top with a loose, striped brim in agnate bass colors. Round out the mild accouterments with black clear earrings.

With florals beginning into 2012 fashion, getting beat on some head-to-toe, it's time to embrace the trend and accomplish it your own. Whether you bedrock an edgy, above boho, preppy, archetypal or awakening style, floral adornment and apparel pieces akin can be congenital easily. Check aback to see our latest releases of clear floral accessories that will advice you break on top of both the floral trend as able-bodied as the colorblocking trend.

How do you abrasion floral prints during the summer? Comment below! We'd adulation to apprehend your fashionable and fun means to use this trend during the warmer months! Whether you abrasion floral designs boldly, in an chaste address or in baby amounts - through adornment or accessories - we'd adulation to apprentice new, different means to appearance off this huge trend!